Reducing CO2

“Schools in the UK release up to four million tonnes of CO2 a year”


Source: Carbon Trust


It is now official: global climate change is very real and measurable, and is due primarily to human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, most notably through the burning of fossil fuels. The past few years has finally brought a scientific consensus on climate change and at Renewables for Schools we believe the time for debate is over. We believe that now is the time for action.


The Department for Education seem to think so too, which is why climate change has been cited as a compulsory element of the new national curriculum.


This is also the reason why the Renewables for Schools CO2 programme sets the school a stringent carbon budget. The national carbon budget currently in place limits greenhouse gas emissions to 2,782 MtCO2e. We strive to do much better than that.


Everything we do is consistently measured by conducting regular reviews. Whether it be monitoring the usage of energy, the performance of the renewable technology or the carbon footprint of the school. More frequent reviews enables a higher level of performance from the implemented measures / technologies and will make sure the school is always mitigating the most amount of C02.


We believe that it is up to each and every school to make their own stand and do what it takes to guarantee their own sustainable independence. Through simple measures taken via the Renewables for Schools CO2 programme, it is very easy for a school to save around ten tonnes of CO2 per year, which can and will make a massive difference in the global combat against climate change.


So to put that into context: 10 tonnes of CO2 is enough to fill 60 double decker buses:




Although we did say it is very easy for a school to save this amount. With the full implementation of the Renewables for Schools programme, schools can become one of the most significant mitigators of CO2; helping to set an example for the rest of the community to follow.





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