Renewables for Schools provides a bespoke primary school programme which enables children to learn about the environment and climate change in the best possible way.


And how do we know it is the best possible way?


Because it has been tried and tested, based upon highly successful educational programmes from countries like Finland and Sweden. We then incorporate these programmes directly into the new national curriculum by the Department for Education to create what we believe is the world's most effective environmental educational programme for young children.


Primary Schools

BETween 5-11 years old


It's Only Natural is a resource pack from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), which introduces eight renewable energy sources and the role they can play in providing energy for the UK. Includes: Bio-energy, Solar energy and Wind energy.


Whilst DTI has since been replaced by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the resource pack is still relevant and the Department for Education states that schools can continue to draw on this if they find it useful.


The programme contains colour information cards, photocopiable activity sheets and posters to help 5-11 year olds understand topics like: how each source supplies electricity and what each source looks like.


It also discusses why renewable energy is so important for the UK and which locations are suitable for each kind of renewable energy. It's Only Natural has been written and reviewed by education experts, and has been designed to match curriculum objectives for Geography, Science and Citizenship.



Please feel free to download the info. cards, activity sheets, posters and teachers booklets from the following links:


Teacher's notes


information cards for 7 to 11s


Activity sheets for 7 to 11s


information cards for 5 to 7s


Activity sheets for 5 to 7s


cross-curricular programme







Renewables for Schools is proud to incorporate one of the very best programmes for primary school children.


With eco action games, primary school pupils can enjoy a wide variety of their favourite games ranging from eco action snakes + ladders and eco action twist to eco actions trumps and many more.


To find out more about eco action games can deliver a fresh and novel approach to environmental education, engagement and behaviour change, please visit their website:


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