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Combatting climate change is about influencing two things:


Do that and you've won half the battle

Renewables for Schools takes the best of what we’ve directly learnt from both at home and across Europe and incorporates it within the framework of the new national curriculum. We take what we’ve learnt from places such as Germany, Austria, Denmark and Sweden, and we apply this knowledge in a way which guarantees results based on the high success rate abroad. Renewables for Schools gives an open and honest description of climate change and renewable technology and is designed to connect education with renewable energy and the Government’s educational targets.


The Renewables for Schools educational programme is anchored firmly in the education system, both in the teaching curriculum and the sustainable management of schools. Our programme covers all themes from forests, water, ecological footprints, renewable energy and cultural issues and it is the only programme in the United Kingdom which incorporates Europe's current leading school sustainability initiatives.


That's why we say that Renewables for Schools is the nation's number one choice for schools looking to create some of the most environmentally conscious students in the world today.


It's Only Natural is a resource pack from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), which introduces eight renewable energy sources and the role they can play in providing energy for the UK. Includes: Bio-energy, Solar energy and Wind energy. Whilst DTI has since been replaced by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the resource pack is still relevant and the Department for Education states that schools can continue to draw on this if they find it useful.


This science programme will help pupils understand how each technology works and understand why renewable energy is so important for the UK.


These documents deliver practical activities exploring the different renewable energy technologies, how they can be used and the role of renewable energy at home and at school. The publications contain activity sheets and a poster showing all the renewable energy sources at work, whilst providing additional facts about them. It's Only Natural has been written and reviewed by education experts.


To download the introductory sheets, info. cards, activity sheets, posters and teachers booklets, please visit the Department for Education's website:

It's Only Natural - Science Programme

It's Only Natural - Geography Programme


Research shows that through entertaining activities, pupils can be inspired into action by tapping into their competitive spirit and persuading them to play their way to a more sustainable lifestyle. eco action games and eco action trumps are tried and tested ways of both educating and engaging pupils to make sure that what they learn about sustainability will leave a lasting impression.


Renewables for Schools incorporates this highly successful programme into our education and engagement sessions, and as the picture on the right shows: the pupils are thoroughly loving it.


To discover more about eco action games and eco action trumps, please visit their website:






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