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The United Kingdom enjoys one of the highest teaching standards in the world, indeed its reputation is inarguably the finest in the world. Which is why the Government's new national curriculum, which will see children learning about climate change as a compulsory element, is probably going to be one of the most defining moments in the global battle against climate change.


As part of the new curriculum, climate change is taught as a carefully sequenced progression, starting with the fundamental concepts and relevant background knowledge which underpin this topic, which will develop into more in depth learning phases at Key Stage 3 and above, particularly in science and geography.


Renewables for Schools takes the best of what we’ve directly learnt from across Europe and incorporates it within the framework of this new national curriculum. All participating schools's installed renewable technologies provide live data feeds via the monitoring system which allows for integration into teaching, and we also supply all the materials necessary for putting this data to good use and introducing behavioural change in the school. Whilst the idea of getting to grips with all this new technology might seem daunting for some teachers, we can categorically assure you that there is absolutely nothing to fear.


Renewables for Schools is about bringing key aspects of renewable technology, energy monitoring, behavioural change, along with the Department for Education's new national curriculum and putting it all together in the most simplest terms so that you can concentrate on what counts most: motivating your pupils.


Renewables for Schools is proud to be working in partnership with some of Europe’s leading training programmes. Our international network allows all participants to share best practices and to bounce the latest effective teaching methods off one another.


We bring you environmental teaching methods from countries such as Finland, where climate change is already successfully anchored firmly in the education system, both in teaching and managing schools.


In Finland, schools have no entrance exams, no fees, no league tables, no Ofsted-type inspections and no private tuition. Children do not start school until they are seven years old, and separating children into sets based on ability is not allowed. The children even address teachers by their first names and yet since 2000, Finland has dominated the international league table of the developed world’s education systems.


Whilst we are not suggesting some kind of complete educational reform in the United Kingdom, this does illustrate a good point. We can learn a great deal from what others are doing and we stand to benefit far more by applying their successes and avoiding their mistakes. This is the Renewables for Schools approach which pervades all we do.


After all. if two head are better than one, then surely a hundred heads are even better?


For more information on how Renewables for Schools can help you brew the perfect lesson, please get in touch with us.




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