Renewables for Schools is proud to partner with the number one choice for schools in the UK looking to crowdsource funding for their solar panels: the Schools' Energy Co-operative.


The Schools' Energy Co-operative is part of the Energy4All group, which was founded in 2002 and has successfully raised money for renewable energy projects all across the UK. In 2012, Energy4All were awarded the prestigious Ashden Award for their work helping communities to create sustainable energy solutions.


The Schools' Energy Co-operative aspires to retain as much as possible of the benefits for the school, its pupils and the surrounding community, and provide a genuine alternative to the existing rent-a-roof and leasing models.




Why choose the Schools' Energy Co-operative?

Peace of mind

Ethical business model

Accredited installation teams

Giving back

The entire project is managed from start to finish: from the installation to maintanence to the financing of the project and warranties.

The democratically run Co-operative does not seek to maximise returns to its members but instead provide real social impact.

Only approved installers who meet the MCS and RECC standards make the grade to install the solar panels.

Any returns in excess of 6% are shared with the schools. At the end of the project, the solar PV system will be given to the school.

How it works

How will it benefit you?

○   Schools will be able to buy clean electricity at reduced wholesale prices.



○   Schools will be able to make a CO2 saving of up to 20 tonnes per year.



○   Any profit made on returns in excess of 6% to be shared with the schools (after the initial gestation period).



○   A free display monitor and a user-friendly live monitoring service which displays yield data: everything from the system's current performance, how much energy has been produced, the weather forecast and the CO2 savings. All of which is easily accessible from each and every classroom at the simple click of a button.



○   The Renewables for Schools educational programme - to help integrate the solar PV system into teaching and to help engage pupils and their parents in matters of climate change and renewable energy generation.







○   The school expresses their interest in obtaining crowdsourced funds for their solar panels.



○   Renewables for Schools and the Schools' Energy Co-operative will assess the feasibility of the schools' rooftop and assign minimum and maximum capital requirements.



○   The Co-operative will issue a Share Offer whereby community members and investors are offered the opportunity to invest anywhere between £250 to £20,000.



○   If the Co-operative raises the minimum capital required, then it will commission the installation of the solar panels.










Q. What is a co-operative?


A: A co-operative (often referred to as a co-op) is an ethical, democratic, business organisation owned and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit. It does not seek to maximise financial returns to its members on the sum invested by them but instead seeks to pay a fair return, which is sufficient to obtain and retain the capital required, and to achieve broader community, environmental and social goals.




Q. What does the Schools' Energy Co-operative do?


A: The School's Energy Co-operative owns the solar panels and is responsible for their installation and maintenance. The Co-operative is intended to have a life span of 20 years (at the end of which period the Feed in Tariff ceases to be payable and the solar panels will be given to the schools) and during that time all the capital invested in the Co-operative as well as the returns should be paid back to members.




Q. What is in it for the Schools' Energy Co-operative team?


A: The Co-operative is being set up as a social enterprise and not a business looking to maximise financial return for investors. This venture is being led by experienced business men and women who are locally based. They are not being paid to be on the board; instead they are doing it for community minded and environmental reasons. However, they have invested in the Co-operative  which will allow them the same benefits as other investors.




Q. What are the environmental benefits?


A: Each installation will result in a reduction of  CO2 emissions which will help the schools meet their sustainability targets. We are also hoping it will encourage more awareness of energy, both generation and energy efficiency, within the local community.







The solar PV system will benefit both school and students. Students are fully aware of the problems with conventional fossil fuel power production; global warming, carbon footprints, acid rain and problems of energy reserves from their science lessons, so having this system installed at Broadwater will allow them to see first-hand the positive impact of clean renewable energy.


They will be able to monitor the output and see the savings made both financially and environmentally. It is a fantastic opportunity to see renewable energy live instead of just hearing about it or watching video clips, and to be involved.




Head of Science

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